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The Shocking Pen

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The Shocking Pen

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Do pens on your desk disappear from time to time? Or maybe you have a colleague that keep borrowing pens from you? Well, you can leverage this to prank them. Buy one of these Electric Shock Pen –you can find 2 for $9 on Amazon– put it in your cup and just laughs thinking that they will get quite a surprise every time they will try to use your pen.

Another way to do it is to leave the pen on someone’s desk when they are not around. Coming back to their desk they might think “Oh someone forgot this nice pen. I’ll keep it for myself!” Or just like me: arriving at the office one morning I had a thought from my morning ride that I had to get on paper before I would forget it. I came to my desk and saw a pen on it. I wondered who had used my desk in my absence but there was no time for that. I had to get this idea written ASAP. I took the pen and ZAP! I got a shock. The electric shock is mild and not obvious, kinda feels like one of those electric shock you get when you bump your elbow and get zapped—only smaller. So I tried again. Zap! I wonder if something was wrong with my thumb. Checked my thumb by pressing it. No all seems to be normal. So I give it another try. Zap! Now I know something up so just to be sure I try another finger. Zap! Yes, you got it right 4 times it took me to realize what was happening.


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